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   Felony at Fripp's Graveyard  -A Forensics 411 Mystery

Vanished in Vista Point

             A Forensics 411 Mystery   
Hank “Boomer” Boyd has a passion for forensic science. When Hannah Simmons moves into his coastal North Carolina neighborhood on the last day of eighth grade, she mistakenly believes he is a local celebrity and that he could be her ticket to popularity in her new school.  Meanwhile, Hank decides to claim Hannah for his own before the popular kids can tell her the truth about his so-called celebrity. The two, along with Hank's bloodhound, Chaucer, spend the summer investigating the robbery and disappearance of Stacy McFarland, a sixteen-year-old girl who vanished from their neighborhood in 1985. Back then the cops closed the case declaring that Stacy robbed her own home and used the proceeds to run away. Hank and Hannah are convinced that the police were wrong and put their lives and spotless juvenile records on the line to prove it.
Vanished in Vista Point: A Forensics 411 Mystery
by Whitney Skeen (released 7/14/20)

print ISBN: 978-1-945419-59-1
ebook ISBN: 978-1-945419-70-6
LCCN: 2020930174

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