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Discussion Questions For Vanished In Vista Point

  1. Hank’s real name is Henry, but beginning at age five he asked others to call him Boomer to signify his new found love for the boomerang. Then, when he meets Hannah, on the last day of eighth grade, he introduces himself as Hank to signify a “fresh start.” As Hank is about to begin high school at the end of the story, do you believe he will get the fresh start he was craving? Explain.

  2. When trying to think of a new name, Hank considers using his birth name, Henry, or others such Harry, H-Dog, Josh, or even Lancelot Superbad. Why do you think he chooses such a diverse/random list of possible names?

  3. Why does Hank say he eventually chose the name “Hank”?

  4. What is the symbolic role of the boomerang in the story?

  5. Loyalty is one of the themes of Vanished In Vista Point. Explain three situations where the theme of loyalty appears in the text.

  6. The climax is the high point of action and tension in the plot of a story? What do you consider the climax of Vanished In Vista Point to be? 

  7. In writing and "elevator pitch" is considered a one line description of a book that could be used expressed in the time it takes to ride an elevator from one floor to the next. For instance if you were writing an elevator pitch for "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" you might say: An orphan's life is forever changed when he receives an invitation to study at the most prestigious wizarding academy in the world. Write an elevator pitch for Vanished In Vista Point.

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