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For her debut novel, Skeen has definitely given us a page-turner! From friendship to science to mystery and intrigue, the story moves along briskly, following Hank and Hannah and Chaucer as they try to solve a thirty-five year old mystery. Skeen paints the picture of the incompetent small town law enforcement and the old boy - old family network in the small community of Vista Point. With the awkwardness of teenage social anxiety and a blossoming friendship between two science nerds and a dog, Vanished in Vista Point entertains and invites the reader to ask for more about the forensics behind crimes and for more adventures with these likeable characters.

-D. Harris 

This book is such a fun read! I am the Mom of a 7th grade and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. The characters are well developed and the pacing of the storyline is wonderful. It is a quick read that leaves you begging for the sequel and this team’s next mystery! Whitney Skeen has captured the essence of the middle school set and both boys and girls will relate to Hank and Hannah. This would make a wonderful Birthday or Christmas gift! (Consider gifting it to your school or public libraries as well!)

-Amanda S.

I am putting this on the Christmas list for all of the middle schoolers in the family. The adults will love it too. Characters you already know, and a real page-turner.


New friendships, a great mystery and a loyal bloodhound...Vanished in Vista Point is a book your young reader (and their parents!) won’t want to put down. Teachers, add this to your reading list for your middle schoolers!

Fantastic. Very well-written. I love a good mystery and this one did not disappoint. I look forward to the next adventure in Vista Point.

-K. Qu

Loved it! 😍

An age friendly mystery about solving an old cold case disappearance that is as educational as it is fun.  Each chapter opened with some fun forensic related facts presented as peeks into Hank’s forensic web show. These openers were fun and my favorite part of the book. Hank and Hannah’s shared interested in solving crimes also made for a charming friendship as well as learning opportunities for readers. I can see the forensic aspects appealing to kids interested in solving crimes. While this book is about solving an old murder, everything was kept friendly to the targeted age group. The pacing was also fast, keeping the story from dragging and the portrayal of Hank felt realistic and made him likeable.

-K. Uplinger 

Superb book! This book keeps you interested from the first page. The author interweaves facts about solving crime with a compelling story of friendship.

- C. Hiner


She's an amazing writer. May be considered a children's book, but I'm enjoying how good she is at painting pictures. 

-L. Naddeo

This is great mystery! I couldn’t put it down. The characters are well developed. The story captures the insecurities of middle school and the struggles of its inhabitants as well as the complexities of the friendships forged. The mystery itself keeps you reading to find out what happens next. The forensic details give clues as to what the next hurdle Hank and Hannah will tackle.
-J. McAllister
I LOVED this book. The characters were so real and relatable. The friendships forged in this story really capture all the feelings that are rampant at this age. And a great mystery to boot!!
-C. Presler
Teenage friendship, a mystery, forensic science, and an adorable bloodhound... what more could you want for a great summer read. Looking forward to the next book in the series!
-T. Flick
As a high school English teacher for the last 28 years, I can tell you that if you have questions, that means you are engaged, that you care about the characters, that you are invested in the story! Nothing is too scary, nothing is gory or violent, but I DID shed a few tears in one scene. But more importantly, I laughed and I rolled my eyes and I smiled at some of the interactions between the two main characters. I recognized my own young son in some of the comments, I saw my dad in others, and I saw myself in parts of the mom.
-H. Dinkenor
Vanished at Vista Point, a Forensics 411 Mystery, is a must read if your middle schooler loves mysteries! And who doesn’t love a book with a bloodhound named Chaucer. Great use of high level vocabulary.
-S. Cupp

A very good read. Loved all her forensic tidbits at the beginning of each section. Wonder what crime in their small community they will solve next. The characters have lots of the their own emotional stuff to work out! 

-J. Farley

First, I need to tell you I just don’t read books, or at least very rarely.  I started Vanished In Vista Point this morning, and I’m now on page 94!  You really drew me in when I felt the awkwardness that Boomer/Hank felt when Hannah removed her shorts and t-shirt.  Before that I was jealous of him for having such good rapport with the new girl in the neighborhood at that age.  Then he just falls apart when he realizes she really is a female!  That just absolutely carried me back to my own experiences in the 8th and 9th grade.  That was brilliant.  Nice work!
-G. L.


LOVE the book....Whitney taught me so much about forensics, and she weaves a very exciting mystery with terrific characters. Not just a kid's book....

-B. C-Kuhn

Just finished her Wonderful book. So clever, imaginitive - fun, well written - kids ( and adults) will love it!!

-N. Tomasovich

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