For her debut novel, Skeen has definitely given us a page-turner! From friendship to science to mystery and intrigue, the story moves along briskly, following Hank and Hannah and Chaucer as they try to solve a thirty-five year old mystery. Skeen paints the picture of the incompetent small town law enforcement and the old boy - old family network in the small community of Vista Point. With the awkwardness of teenage social anxiety and a blossoming friendship between two science nerds and a dog, Vanished in Vista Point entertains and invites the reader to ask for more about the forensics behind crimes and for more adventures with these likeable characters.

-D. Harris on Goodreads.

Fantastic. Very well-written. I love a good mystery and this one did not disappoint. I look forward to the next adventure in Vista Point.

-K. Qu

Loved it! 😍

An age friendly mystery about solving an old cold case disappearance that is as educational as it is fun.  Each chapter opened with some fun forensic related facts presented as peeks into Hank’s forensic web show. These openers were fun and my favorite part of the book. Hank and Hannah’s shared interested in solving crimes also made for a charming friendship as well as learning opportunities for readers. I can see the forensic aspects appealing to kids interested in solving crimes. While this book is about solving an old murder, everything was kept friendly to the targeted age group. The pacing was also fast, keeping the story from dragging and the portrayal of Hank felt realistic and made him likeable.

-K. Uplinger on Reedsy

Superb book! This book keeps you interested from the first page. The author interweaves facts about solving crime with a compelling story of friendship.

- C. Hiner